Amanda PMA Brows
  • Microbladed Brows £300

    This treatment is performed using a manual hand held device to implant fine hair strokes for a very natural effect. This technique is perfect for those who have sparse brows or fine natural hairs. Suitable for normal to dry skin types.

  • Machine Hairstroke Brows £300

    These brows are created using a digital machine to implant natural looking hair strokes into the skin. The machine causes less trauma to the skin than microblading and has a longer lasting effect. Suitable for all skin types except for very oily.

  • Microbladed or Machine Hairstroke Brows with Shading £300

    Using either a hand held device or the digital machine to implant hair strokes with added shading to create more depth through the body of the brow than hair strokes alone. A perfect choice for those with less natural brow hair. Microbladed hair strokes are suitable for normal to dry skin types and Machine hairstrokes are suitable for all skin types except very oily.

  • Ombre Brows £300

    A beautiful technique, healing to a soft powder looking brow. Layered shading is used to achieve a more made-up look, with lighter shading at the tops and centre for an ombre effect. This can be created as a tinted effect to the brow, or a bolder look for definition. Suitable for all skin types.

Colour Boosts

It is recommended that you have a colour boost within 2 years of your last appointment. You will be charged for a full priced treatment after this time due to a complete loss of pigment.

PAtch Test

You will receive a Patch Testing Kit in the post, which you will need to conduct after watching the video. 

You will also receive a digital Consultation and Patch Testing Form which need to submitted back to me at least 48 hours post patch testing. This is to ensure that you have have not had any reactions to either product.

Once I have received these forms I will then be in touch to book you in!


To secure your booking a non-refundable £50 deposit is required. This will be invoiced to you once your forms have been completed and your booking has been placed